Sortd 2.0 has been released on 15 October 2022

Sortd 2.0 has finally been released. It's been along time coming, but hopefully you will all enjoy the new interface which is more closely integrated into the new Gmail experience, allowing for more

 streamlined workflows.

See 15 October 2022 Sortd 2.0 Launched (version 2.0.293) for the motivation for Sortd 2.0 and additional information.

If you run into issues please reach out to us on

Chrome Extension version 2.0.306 has the following bug fixes and improvements:

Bug Fixes:

Remove the email from the Sortd Inbox after a "move"

Mark as spam should remove email from Sortd inbox

Fix bug in Automation Form whereby an automation on a task (without email) could not be created to perform an assignment

Fix to prevent Sortd getting into an error condition and asking the user to refresh


Added the "day plan" button to Gmail toolbar

Chrome Extension 2.0.306 is available in the Chrome Web Store now and will be rolling out soon. The Edge add-on is still waiting to be released by the Microsoft review team but should be available soon.

Chrome Extension/Edge Add-on version 2.0.331 has the following bug fixes and improvements:


Added back an option to search the Sortd Inbox, so that one can search and then drag an email onto the board

Add date plan button back to send and remind bar

Bug Fixes:

Miscellaneous background fixes

Chrome Extension/Edge Add-on version 2.0.364 has the following bug fixes and improvements:


Ability to open tasks/emails from Movement Report

Bug Fixes:

Improve performance of Sortd Inbox and Automations when not using Sortd fullscreen mode

UI Fix: sidebar sometimes overlaps Gmail buttons

UI Fix: if you minimise task preview, the white space is not removed

UI Fix: Fix minimised sidebar not displaying correctly when switching between mails

Ensure task that is opened is the one clicked on the board. If the email is opened ensure the most recent incomplete task is opened (if there are multiple tasks linked to the email).

Ensure latest message is opened on a thread (when Sortd knows there is a new email but Gmail has not yet loaded it)

Remove full inbox option when in tabbed inbox

Open Sortd after logging in

Update certain icons

Miscellaneous background fixes