If you are experiencing that Sortd keeps randomly logging out and logging back in, or being unable to retrieve emails from my Gmail inbox this might be a good fix for you.

On the very odd occasion, the information between Gmail and Sortd becomes corrupt and Sortd is not able to connect with Gmail.   

This is usually an easy fix.  All you need to do it open your Google settings and remove Sortd from Google (or in more technical speak 'revoke' Sortd's access to your mailbox.  

Here is a link to show you how that can be done and it takes no more than 30 seconds: https://sortd.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/6000195943

Once you have done this, simply reload Gmail and open Sortd.  Sortd will then freshly connect to your mailbox and all should work as expected.

If you have any problems, let us know on team@sortd.com.