When you start using Sortd for the first time, you will be given a trial with free access to Sortd's premium features. 

Your Premium trial will last for 14 days, after which you can either choose one of the Premium plans (Essentials / Business), or continue on the Basic free plan (in which case you will lose access to the premium features). 

Here's a summary of the plans -

Open Sortd's pricing plan page here

If you choose one of the Premium plans you will be prompted for credit card details (if you have any trouble with payment please log a support ticket to let us know).

What will I lose if I choose the Free plan?

Premium features include a number of things that the Free plan does not.  These include:

- The ability to customize Sortd to tailor it to your business

- Email sharing and collaboration features (e.g. chat)

- Additional boards

- Automations (to set up shared inboxes) etc.

If you've created any additional shared boards, your team members will no longer have access to those boards when the trial ends, unless you upgrade to either a premium plan.

How do I know if the Essentials or Business plan is right for me?

Both plans will remove all the limits from your personal board and give you the ability to tailor Sortd to fit your workflows and business processes

The Essentials plan is designed for small teams who only need the basic team-sharing features.  

The Business plan is primarily designed for teams who need to track works to completion and would like more boards, automations (to manage things like shared inboxes) or lightweight CRM-type features.  Also, the Business plan caters for more customization of custom fields like Status, Tags, Drop-downs etc which are incredibly useful.

If you would like to know more or would like a demo, please contact team@sortd.com.