What makes Sortd so useful?

That depends who you ask, but for most heavy email users it's this - when you lose emails, you lose customers!  And you let people down.  And you make a bad impression.  If you can relate to any of these problems you'll immediately recognize the importance of having a reliable way to manage email in a team.

  • Important emails get lost in the noise so you just never respond.
  • Customers don't get back to you and you forget to follow up.
  • Customers are left waiting because things get busy people get slow to respond.
  • As a manager you don't actually know what's going on with customers day to day and by the time you find out that a customer is unhappy it's too late.

With Sortd your entire team can collaborate on customer inquiries, orders, requests and support, and follow everything through to completion with help from one another, without ever leaving Gmail.

How does it work?

If you haven't yet watched this demo video, take the 3.5 minutes (or just over a minute at 2x speed). It will give you a good overview of how Sortd can be used to improve your email reliability and operational efficiency in a team.

What can we do with it?

Share email, keep track of work for customers, and collaborate seamlessly without leaving Gmail.

  • Assign email in shared inboxes (eg. info@company.com, orders@company.com).
  • Manage sales orders through a reliable process to ensure you close every deal.
  • Manage service delivery with minimal effort and give your customers an experience to remember.
  • Keep track of project work without the need to switch between your email and project tools.
  • Use Sortd as a Helpdesk to radically improve your customer support.

How will it benefit my business / team?

  • Emails and tasks (both your own and your team's) in one place
  • With email assignment everyone knows who's working on what
  • Save time with no more need to switch between tools to keep work on track
  • See what's going on in your team day to day and catch balls before they drop
  • Seamless handoffs through an organized workflow
  • Monitor and improve customer response times and net turnaround times
  • Follow everything through to completion and deliver on time, every time.

Top features that Sortd customers love

  • Emails and tasks visible to the whole team in a Kanban-style workspace.
  • Share emails without the messy Fwd, CC and Reply all.
  • Assign emails to team members.
  • Rename the email subject.
  • Group related email conversations together.
  • Internal conversations relating to emails happen in context, but outside the email thread.
  • Response time reporting.
  • Multiple workspaces allow you to separate emails into dedicated workflows.

Common use cases

Types of teams it's particularly useful for

  • Inbound Sales teams
  • Customer Service teams
  • Customer Support team
  • Operations teams
  • Administration teams
  • Finance teams