There are multiple ways to add users to your Team. The simplest is to invite a new user to the Board you are currently on. This can be done by clicking the + (plus) Invite icon in the circle near the top right of a board:

This will open up a screen that will allow you to add the new user directly to your board, Project Board in my case. 

Note: When you add a user to a board they will automatically get added to the Team if they are not yet already a member of the Team

Alternatively, you can navigate to Sortd's Settings via the left squirrel menu:

Select the Team name in blue where wish to add or remove users. I am using Sortd's Tech Future's team in this example.

A screen similar to the one shown below will appear. 

You can also get to this screen from Sortd Settings by selecting the Team on the Account tab.

From here you can add and remove users from the Team like the image shown below.

You can also remove a user from the same screen

From the main Team screen, you can also access the users who are assigned to each board in the Team. Select the Boards & Access link and you will see a screen similar to the one shown below:

Select the Board Settings next to the board whose members you wish to mange. 

Select the Board Members link at the top.

Click View/Change and you will see a familiar screen allowing you to add or remove users from the Board. If a user is already in the Team, but not yet the particular board, you should see their name in the dropdown. Alternatively you can add a new user directly to the board and they will automatically be added to the Team.

Note: This is the same  screen you will reach if you chose to invite a user to the current Board by using the invite icon.

Note: Sortd does not currently support the concept of Read Only or View Only users, and as such, each person who is a member of the Team is billed for at the full rate.

Admin Users vs Ordinary Users

Only Admin users can add or remove users from the team. Ordinary users can add another team member to a board but they cannot add someone who is not already on the team to a board. Additionally, only Admin users can change the team billing details including the plan the team is subscribed to, and the invoicing period, i.e monthly/annual.

Basically, only Admin users are permitted to make changes that would result in a billing event.

Note that Sortd does not currently support the concept of ReadOnly or View Only users and as such, each user added to the team is billed as per the subscription plan selected.

Cost implications of Adding and Removing Users from a Team

When you add additional users to your Team you will be billed for each additional user according to the price of the subscription have signed up for. Your credit card will only be billed 24 hours after you make the change, so as to allow you to add more users, should you wish, without being billed for each new user immediately. Should you remove a user from your team and subsequently add another user at a later date (within the same billing period) you will not be billed for that user as you will have a credit balance equivalent to that 1 user. The same will apply if you add and remove more than 1 user.

If you remove a user from your team and do not replace that user with another user, your bill will only reflect the reduced number of users at the next invoice period. Unfortunately, Sortd does not offer refunds, but any credit balance you have will be applied to the next invoice.