Most of what you need to know about the Sortd price plans is on the Pricing page, but to better explain how the pricing model works...

There are 2 premium tiers:- Pro and Team, both of which are priced on a monthly subscription basis per user.  The main differences between Pro and Team is that you can add shared boards on the Team plan.  Pro is better suited to a case where you are using Sortd on your own.

In addition to the primary tiers, Sortd also has Power Packs (only one of which is currently available - the Sales Power Pack).  Note: In order to use any of the Power Packs, you need to be on one of the paid plans (either Pro or Team).

If you are using a Power Pack, you will receive two separate receipts every month - one for the base plan you are on and one for the Power Pack.  So, for example, if you are using Sortd for Sales on the Team plan, you will receive one receipt for the Team plan at $8, and a second receipt for the Sales Power Pack for $8.

What are the limits on each plan?

Different limits apply to different plans.


- One (personal) board

- No more than 3 lists

- Maximum of 20 active (i.e. not completed) tasks/emails in each of your lists

  Note: If you want to remain on the free plan you can complete, archive or delete active items

Pro Plan

- Unlimited number of active tasks/emails on each list on your personal board

- Additional boards (maximum of 3), with unlimited lists on each

Team Plan

- Unlimited number of active tasks/emails on each list

- Unlimited number of boards (+ ability to share them)

How do I reactivate a canceled plan?

If you've canceled a plan and you want to get back to a board that you were previously paying for, simply go back to that board from the board switcher at the top right.  You will automatically be prompted to activate your subscription again.

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