Most of what you need to know about the Sortd price plans is on the Pricing page, but to help explain how the pricing model works...

There are 2 premium tiers:- Essentials and Business, both of which are priced on a per user basis billed as a monthly or annual subscription. The main differences between Essentials and Business plans is that Business has greater functionality and no limits applied on any of the functionality, while Essentials has slightly less functionality and certain limits, such as the number of Boards and Users permitted. The free Starter tier has much more limited functionality and is not suited to using Sortd in a team environment.

Previously, Sortd also had a Sales Power Pack which was an optional add-on and increased the functionality of the aforementioned premier subscriptions. As of July 2021 this has been removed and the functionality of the Sales Power Pack is now incorporated into the Business plan.

Note: Paid subscriptions are linked to Teams in Sortd, and a user can belong to many Teams, each with their own subscription (and billing).

For the details of the different functionality available in each plan please see the Pricing page.

For a more detail explanation of how using Sortd in a Team environment impacts your choice of subscription and consequent billing, please see Understanding Sortd Subscriptions and Billing