1. Click to add a property  |  2. Give it a title and type, and you're done!


Custom Properties allow you to customize Sortd to fit your workflow and your business processes.  

These simple properties are incredibly powerful, particularly when used in conjunction with Sortd's team features.  Custom Properties aim to streamline teamwork and in many ways can replace old fashioned spreadsheets to boost collaboration, velocity, transparency, accountability and company success.

ExamplCustom Properties:

There are different types of Custom Properties which you can choose from.  The type of custom field you choose will depend on what kind of information you want to add to your cards. 

Here are a few examples of how Custom Properties can be used  -


Types of Custom Properties:


Useful for: Notes, billing addresses, secondary email addresses, short, comments, job titles.

Number -

Useful for: Order quantity, discount percentage, commission, priority level, estimates.

Number currency - 

Useful for: Deal values, commission, amounts.

Status (displayed on the front on a card) - 

Useful for: Tracking work through different stages and states.

Tags with Multi-selection (displayed on the front on a card)
List of predefined options where multiple can be selected.

Useful for: Industry, region, competitors, job title, tags


Useful for: Production stage, invoicing stage, lead type, category, industry, job title.

Date - 

Useful for: Delivery date, deadlines.

Checklists - 

Useful for: Tracking completion of operational processes.

Files - 

Useful for: Attaching order forms, customer documents, proposals.

Team Member -

Useful for: Assigned different component of a project to different team members

Contact - 

Useful for: Linking a contact / company

Location (Google Maps URL) - 

Useful for: Locating an asset, house, delivery

The primary properties for managing work flows are Statuses and Tags.  Only these two properties can be displayed on the front of the card.  

Here is an example below -

Note: Once properties are added, they'll be available on ALL of the cards on the current board. 

To learn more about how to set up Custom Properties, click here -

How do I set up a Custom Property?

For more help log a ticket or email team@sortd.com

Tip: You can also change the view of the board from Board view to Table View: