At the top right of your browser window click on the puzzle icon, and then 'Manage Extensions' at the bottom (or go to Menu > More Tools > Extensions).

Type Sortd in the search box to find the Sortd Chrome Extension.  You should see something like this (if you don't it means you don't have the Sortd Chrome Extension installed, but check your spelling first).

Updating to the latest version manually

At the top right of the Extensions page there is a button to enable Developer Mode.  When it has been enabled you will see 3 buttons at the top of your screen.

Click on the Update button - that will trigger an update of all of your extensions, including Sortd.  Note that it can take a few minutes for the extension to update.

Once you have the new version Sortd should tell you that it has been updated, and ask you to refresh your Gmail tab.

The update process

During a major update you will not be able to log into Sortd - instead you will see the following screen.

This means that there is a new version of the Chrome Extension and it has not been updated by Chrome automatically, so you will need to update it manually (as above).  After the update is complete you should see this.  Just refresh your Gmail tab and you should be on the latest version.

What to do if you are unable to update

If you have tried to update per the instructions above and the version number isn't changing - first give it 5 minutes because it might still be updating, just slowly.  Google doesn't have a progress indicator but you will see the version number change live when the update is complete.

If it still doesn't update, OR it does but you run into a problem you can't work around with the new version, please email us at or log a ticket at the top right, and we'll help you get it up and running again.