This is a Google/Gmail issue.  We have reported it to them and are still waiting for a reply.  Being that it has been awhile since we have an update from Google, we decided to write up this short article with a workaround below:

There is an infrequent issue where you may get an error "The state token is invalid or has expired. Please try again" when accessing the Gmail Add-on:

This may happen when you:

1. Install the Gmail add-on or Chrome Extension and give OAuth permissions to Sortd/Gmail

2. Revoke Sortd's permission to Gmail via Google Account manager.  


Step 1. Open a new browser tab in Incognito mode and open Gmail (on your desktop or laptop)

Step 2. Open any email from your Inbox

Step 3. Click on the Sortd Add-on squirrel icon on the right bar

Step 4. Click get started

Step 5. Click the small link highlighted at the bottom "Activate the Gmail add-on here" below the red button.


You should then see a message to say "Success"

You can then close then try close the Incognito tab and try it again on mobile.

If you continue to have problems, please contact and please reference this article.