At Sortd we take your privacy very seriously!  It's not in any way our intention to share your data with anyone. We need access to your email data purely for the purpose of being able to provide you with a service. If there was a way to do this without the need for access to your email we would, but it's the only way Sortd can work the way it does.

Sortd does not store your email, but certain email information such as the Sender/Recipient, Subject and Date are stored in Sortd when you drag an email into the organiser panel. This allows us to link back to the email inside Gmail. We do not store the actual email, nor we do we store even the above information about your email unless you drag it into a List or use some other Sortd functionality such as Snooze or Reminders. Sortd does not read the Body of your email, though the permissions from Gmail are not fine grained enough to limit us from doing so, so in theory we could, but it is not in our interest to do so. We do not sell customer data, anonymized or otherwise, nor do we parse/read your email content to provide any Sortd functionality.

In addition, any information you add to Sortd (like tasks and notes) is stored securely on our servers, which are currently hosted at Amazon Web Services.

To understand a bit more about why Sortd ask for permissions, please have a look here:

 - Why does Sortd need Permissions?

If you want to read our privacy policy, please take a look here:


In a nutshell we don't share your data with anyone because we charge for Sortd.  Please look here to see the different Sortd plans: