This article will describe how to Enable/Disable Manual Positioning of Cards on Your Sortd Board

Sortd provides a flexible setting that allows the admin of a Sortd board to control how tasks are prioritized when new emails are received. This feature is particularly useful if you want the tasks or cards to move to the top of the list automatically or to stay where they are manually placed on the board. The default is set to 'Mover to top'.

Here's how you can manage this setting:

To Enable Manual Positioning of Cards:

  1. Access "Board Settings": Click on the board selector board on the top right of the Sortd interface to view your list of boards. 

 Then hover over the board name to access the settings icon.

  1. Board Details: Within the board settings pane you will see the following options.

  1. Find the Automatically Move New Emails option: Look for the option labeled 'Automatically move new emails to the top of the list'. This is a toggle switch.

  2. Toggle the Feature: If you want to manually position cards, ensure this toggle is set to 'Off'. This will keep the cards in their current positions even when new emails are received.

To Enable Automatic Repositioning of Cards:

  1. Follow Steps 1 to 3: As above, access the 'Board Details' tab in the settings pane.

  2. Automatically Move New Emails: Find the 'Automatically move new emails to the top of the list' option.

  3. Toggle the Feature On: Switch this toggle to 'On'. This will now automatically move cards associated with new emails to the top of the list, treating the board like an inbox.

Additional Tips:

  • The changes are applied instantly and will affect how all users experience the board.
  • This feature is board-specific, so you will need to set it for each board individually if you manage multiple boards.

By enabling or disabling this feature, you can customize the workflow of your Sortd board to better suit your team's needs for managing tasks and emails.