A Template Board is a standard board in Sortd with pre-defined list names and custom fields, to provide an example of the many ways in which Sortd can be used. When you initially create a Template Board it may be populated with sample data, to demonstrate how the board can be used, but you can delete all the data as it is not intended for you to keep it on the board. 

Explore the example template boards to get a sense for how you can tailor Sortd to the way you work: https://www.sortd.com/template-boards

When Sortd is first installed, each user has a personal board created which is only visible to them. Template boards can be shared with other users during the trial period and/or if a Subscription is purchased after the 14-day trial expires.

Not all template boards are available in all Subscription Plans. For example, the Sales/CRM board is only available on the Business plan. Similarly, not all Custom Fields are available and some custom fields may become disabled in the Essentials plan.

For Pricing and Subscription information, see the Sortd pricing page at https://www.sortd.com/pricing

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