A template board is a standard board in Sortd with pre-defined list names, to provide an example of the many ways in which Sortd can be used. 

When Sortd is first installed each user has a personal board created which is only visible to them. Template boards can be shared with other users during the trial period and/or if a Team subscription is purchased after the 14 day trial expires. Alternatively a Pro subscription allows you to create up to 3 additional boards, which could be created from a template board.

Once a template board has been created the lists can be customised to suit your unique needs. This is distinct to a Powerpack which requires a Powerpack subscription in addition to a standard Pro or Team Subscription. A Powerpack is an add-on that allows specific boards to be created, that provide additional tools beyond just different list names. At the moment the only Powerpack that exists is the Sales Powerpack, which adds the ability to manage Companies and Contacts, view Sales Reports and access additional functionality on the Sales board itself.

For more information on template boards have a look at this link: https://www.sortd.com/template-boards

For more on Powerpacks click here.

For Pricing and Subscription information, see the Sortd pricing page at: https://www.sortd.com/pricing