If you a run shared mailbox for your company (e.g. support@abc.com) but you have also set up a 'Send As' email address as an alias on your personal inbox, it might cause emails that are linked to a card on your board, that are shared with you, to be delayed.  

The reason for this is that Sortd expects that Gmail will itself redirect the email alias to your inbox.  However, if your inbox does not receive the email, Sortd will synchronize the email from Gmail approximately 15 minutes later.

If you are waiting for an email to appear you can always open a card and can press the "resync" email button to import the email.  This button will always sync the email instantly.


If you are having problems, we recommend that you uncheck the "Treat as an alias".  You will need to give Sortd 1 hour to identify this change.  

Refresh your Gmail tab after 1 hour.

If you have any issues, please contact the Sortd team and refer to this specific article.