We have tested Sortd with various popular Chrome Extensions and we do try and keep them all working but its not possible to test them all so there may be some cases where Sortd and another Chrome Extension inside Gmail do not work and/or conflict with one another. Additionally, it is possible that Sortd and any other particular Chrome Extension had worked correctly together but now no longer seem to. This may be because the other Chrome Extension has changed/updated since we tested Sortd with that particular Chrome Extension.

I have Gmail extensions that I'm no longer using and would prefer to use Sortd

If you have any extensions installed that you don't actively use, we would recommend disabling them in order to ensure that you have a seamless experience with Sortd.  You can get to your extensions by going to the Chrome Menu > More Tools > Extensions and disabling the ones you don't use one by one.

I want to use Sortd together with another extension I already use

If you would like to use Sortd with another extension simultaneously we cannot guarantee that they will work together - so feel free to try, but if they conflict your only real option would be to install Sortd on a different Chrome profile.

If you aren't sure how to do that you can read this but the short version is that you will see either your name or something like 'Person 1' at the top right of your Chrome Browser - click on that and create a new Person. Then from the new profile please install Sortd again (just make sure you have switched to the new profile first). It will open Gmail automatically and you'll have to sign in again.

Updates to compatibility with particular extensions

UPDATE (5 September 2015)

The version of Sortd released on 5 September 2015 (Chrome Extension 0.19.9) sees specific fixes to enable Rapportive, SideKick and PixelBlock to work inside Sortd.

UPDATE (14 July 2015)
The version of Sortd released on 14 July 2015 (Chrome Extension 0.18.2) has seen the Chrome Extension redesigned to work around the bugs in Chrome that are still unresolved. This new version should now resolve the bugs surround the Content Security Policy clashes that were mentioned in the January and February updates. Page Controls (Buttons/Panels etc) may still clash and we will continue to improve compatibility with other popular Chrome Extensions.

UPDATE (26 February 2015)
We are aware that at times Streak and Sortd clash and the Sortd tab seems to disappear, we are actively investigating this with the aim of providing a compatible solution.

UPDATE (15 January 2015)
In mid-December 2014 the Gmail team updated Gmail with certain security settings which now prevent some Chrome Extensions from working together simultaneously inside Gmail. You will see an error similar to the one shown in the image above for any Chrome Extensions that are being impacted by this change. There is a bug in Google Chrome which prevents us fixing this issue completely. In the meantime we have released a new version of Sortd which will work with Streak, Sidekick, Full Contact, MixMax and Yesware Gmail Chrome Extensions (Rapportive and Boomerang are not impacted by this problem). However in order to get some or all of these  extensions to work together simultaneously, Sortd will need to be uninstalled and then re-installed after all the others have been installed. i.e. Sortd MUST be installed LAST. If this is done the other Chrome Extensions will still complain that they are broken because of Sortd (as per the image above), but because Sortd includes their specific required permissions, the other Chrome Extensions SHOULD work correctly.


Note that if you see the error above for the Sortd Chrome Extension then you will need to uninstall it and re-install it , as it has not been installed last and hence it will not work. Sortd has ONLY been enabled for the Chrome Extensions mentioned above, so any others impacted by this problem will still not work and or will break Sortd. Unfortunately if one of these Chrome Extensions gets updated automatically behind the scenes by Chrome its possible that the update will break Sortd again and it will have to be re-installed, and or updated (if an update is available).

Certain functionality may not work together due to conflicts, such as the SideKick and Sortd sidebars but other functionality should work fine.