Everyone who signs up for Sortd gets their own free Personal Board (a set of lists) that only they can see and use even if they are part of a team using Sortd. Tasks on your Personal Board can never be shared or seen by anyone else, whereas Shared Boards are boards that multiple people in a Team can view and edit.

By default when you signup for Sortd, your Personal Board will start with 3 lists called "To Do", "In Progress" and "Done". You can rename these lists to whatever you like. During the initial Sortd Trial you can also use premium Sortd features, like creating new lists on your Personal Board. Additional premium features, such as unlimited tasks, custom snooze, etc are also available during the trial.

You can switch between boards using the Board Switcher using the left-hand Sortd menu as seen below.


Irrespective of how many Teams you may be a member of Team 'Sortd' (in this case) you will only ever have one Personal board.

For more information on Shared Boards please click here.

For Pricing and Subscription information, see the Sortd pricing page at: https://www.sortd.com/pricing