Farewell to Sortd for Slack

It's time to bid farewell to Sortd for Slack.

Sorry, we know that news was rather sudden, but there it is - the band-aid is off. More specifically, this means we will no longer be supporting it and it will slowly wither away :(

Take a moment, breathe...

                           ... a little more time, if you need it ...

Ok, now for the good news. If you’ve grown fond of the Sortd way of doing things in Slack - many of the sharing and collaboration features are coming to Sortd for Gmail. Not all right away, but we're getting there.

If you’re still feeling horrible about this, let us explain... As we are sure you can appreciate, we have limited resources - so while Sortd for Slack is very dear to us and we still very much believe in it, for now it just makes more sense to double down on the Gmail product (it continues to receive much love and attention).

The info below will give you some clarity on where this leaves you.

What's going to happen to your data?

No data will be deleted, but at some point you will not be able to access it using Sortd for Slack itself. You will, however be able to get to your your tasks and lists in Gmail.

How long do you have to say goodbye?

Actually, it is not yet completely broken, so if you are feeling lucky you can take your chances. But it is probably already broken and as much as we want to we aren’t going to fix it.

Consequently, we recommend that you take the steps below immediately.

How can you access your data from Gmail?

If you have Sortd for Gmail installed - uninstall it. Look for the squirrel icon at the top right of your Chrome browser, right click and select ‘remove from Chrome’. If you don’t have Sortd for Gmail installed just skip this step.

Add the new version of Sortd to Chrome from here.

Sign into Gmail with the email account that you linked to your Slack account.

You should be able to get to your boards from the dropdown at the top right of the page.

On a serious note, we really appreciate you trying Sortd for Slack, giving us feedback and helping us to improve it. We are genuinely sorry for pulling the rug out from underneath you like this and hope to breathe life into this project again some day.

Please let us know if there were any features that your team became reliant on or you were particularly fond of, and we’ll try to bump them up the Gmail list if we can.

(originally notification sent as email on 8 June 2017)

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Great decision.

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