Sortd Upgrade (18 April 2017)

Today (18 April 2017) Sortd will see a major upgrade which may require taking the system offline for a few hours. 

The Upgrade is expected to begin at 7am UTC. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but unfortunately the upgrade requires database changes which prevent a rolling upgrade. We are hoping to to be online again by 10:30am UTC, but it is dependent on how the long the data upgrade takes. 

[Update: Wow, okay that took longer than expected, but we are finally LIVE again -  1:30pm UTC]

[Update: its taking much longer than expected, but we are making steady progress -  11:06am UTC]

Unfortunately the upgrade requires significant database changes which prevent a rolling upgrade.  Additionally a new Chrome Extension will be required once the upgrade is complete. You can ensure that you have that in the meantime. You will need Chrome Extension version 1.0.0.


This upgrade sees the launch of the new design for Sortd and lays the foundation for many new exiting features that will be released in the coming months. This release itself however does not include any new features, though it does expose a few that were previously a bit obscured.


You will need to reload your browser tab once you have the latest version, though it still won't work till we can bring all the servers back online.

How do I ensure that I have the latest Chrome Extension installed?


If you run into problems with upgrading the Chrome Extension, please uninstall the extension and re-install it. You may have to log out of Gmail and then back into Sortd again, but you won't lose any data.

How can I reinstall Sortd?

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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