Sortd For Gmail Version 0.22.33 Released

On Nov 10th 2016 Sortd for Gmail version 0.22.33 has been released. This sees a major upgrade to the front-end mostly for performance and ability to iterate faster and, but there are a few new features, please see the Release Notes for details. Please note there are some regressions we are actively working to fix.

If you run into problems please ensure you have the latest Chrome Extension, and then reload your browser tab once you have the latest version.

How do I ensure that I have the latest Chrome Extension installed?

If you run into problems with upgrading the Chrome Extension, please uninstall the extension and re-install it. You may have to log out of Gmail and then back into Sortd again, but you won't lose any data.

How can I reinstall Sortd?

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Any chance you guys have a quick fix for unhiding my inbox? I didn't see the release notes before trying it out.

Are one of the regressions that of creating groups of emails by dragging, clicking SHIFT and dropping into another email? I get an undefined "dataset" error, and the message I want to add disappears into the archive.

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^^ when that undefined dataset error is thrown is there any way to find the task that disappears? for instance if I had notes and a reminder set or should I re-create?

If the item was archived you'll have to search there. Otherwise, it would be in your inbox. And all notes disappear when that dataset error appears during grouping.

How can I remove this permanently from my inbox?

Remove sorted?

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