Sortd Performance Degraded/Outage (27 Jan 2016 6pm UTC and 29 Jan 2016 4pm UTC)

Due to an increase in backend server load on 27 January 2016 Sortd suffered an outage on backend infrastructure which caused a serious performance degradation, and or periods when Sortd was completely unavailable between 6pm and 12pm UTC on 27 January 2016 and again on 29 January 2016 for a few minutes between 4pm and 4:15pm.

The increase in load on 27 January highlighted some server issues which are currently being addressed. Some of these stability fixes were deployed on 29 January which while migrating from old servers to new servers again resulted in an outage. We are hoping that the cause of the outage is now resolved and/or dramatically reduced and further stability and performance improvements to be made in the coming weeks will not again cause any serious outage while being deployed.

There is an ongoing project to improve the backend stability of Sortd by removing a legacy email technology called IMAP from Sortd completely and replacing it with alternative technologies. This is a huge project which has been ongoing for some time and will only be completed by late March or early/mid April, but will hopefully allow us to replace very complex systems with a simplified backend which should be significantly more stable. Please bear with us. 

Thank you for your patience.

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Same ... and that's today ... a month later

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Same here, I had to delete the extension just to be able to use gmail normally

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Still seeing a fair amount of instability over the last couple of days. Is it for this same reason? 

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Same here, today the it was very slow and very hard to work with (using Chrome, macbook)

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Same here. Sometime it takes more than a minute to load the entire page.


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4/4/16 App will not load, had to turn off Sortd to access gmail.

I have been unable to access Sorted since March 28th. Is this related to the issue you mention here? I am still unable to access Sortd even after the changes that were made on April 5th.

4/4/16 same experience as Joanna above.

Ditto here.

Yeah! Keep going! you're service is promising, outage is the way to smoothnessssssss ;-)

We apologise for the performance degradation and/or outage that some of you may have experienced on 4 April 2016. The project to improve the the backend stability of Sortd by removing a legacy email technology called IMAP from Sortd completely and replacing it with alternative technologies has now been mostly completed and has gone live on 5 April 2016. Hopefully we should now see a dramatic decrease in the number of incidents and users experiencing outages. Thank you for your patience. The front-end project to improve performance is still ongoing.

Please see the Release Notes for Chrome Extension 0.21.2 for more information.

Same - past two or three days. 

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