Problems with Gmail IMAP (23 September 2015)

We seem to be experiencing issues connecting to Gmail via IMAP at the moment, which could be causing various issues including but not limited to:

  • Inability to login to Sortd
  • Move/Label of emails failing
  • New email arrival being delayed

We apologise for the inconvenience. Hopefully the IMAP services will recover soon. 

We are however moving more and more of Sortd's functionality away from relying so heavily on IMAP, so hopefully sometime soon this will become much less of an issue.

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What does that mean that Sort'd's functionality is moving away from heavily relying on IMAP?  I only use gmail; what does that mean for those in the Android/Google camp?

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Kim, it won't impact you at all. It simply means that at the moment a great deal of the Sortd backend relies on IMAP and we are moving away from that technology as much as possible (as it is not very reliable and hence is quite difficult to manage). The technology we are moving towards is a Google technology available for all Gmail based accounts and uses the same OAUTH security as IMAP.

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