In order to understand how Sortd billing works, one first needs to understand some key concepts within Sortd.


Sortd groups users into Teams. Teams can have one or more boards, with all or some of the members of the Team having access to each board. A subscription is linked to a Team. This means that a user can belong to multiple Team's, with each Team having a different Subscription and consequently different functionality and boards. Users, tasks and boards cannot be shared across teams, as each team is an atomic unit.


Sortd currently provides 3 different subscription plans which provide different levels of functionality , viz.:

  • Starter which is free,
  • Essentials, and 
  • Business. 

The Business plan includes all the functionality available in Sortd, while Essentials has some limits and features disabled. The Starter plan is fairly limited.

View the Sortd Pricing page for more information on the features and limits that apply to each plan.

Monthly vs Annual Billing

Sortd provides for both monthly and annual billing. Annual billing provides a 20% discount on the usual monthly amount.

It is important to note that Sortd does not allow annual plans to be changed to monthly plans, unless the the annual plan is cancelled first. This may change in the future, but as Sortd does not provide refunds, we would encourage you to discuss why you want to do this with us, before cancelling and starting a new monthly based subscription.


Cancelling a subscription will still allow you to access all the features of your paid plan until the end of your billing cycle. I.e. if you get typically get billed on the 12th of the month and you cancel on the 25th, you will still have full access until the 11th of the following month. Similarly for annual plans.

The Personal Board

Each user has their own personal board. The personal board is private and no email or tasks created on it can be shared. It is also limited in other ways, in that one cannot create Automation's or set up Custom Fields/Properties on the personal board.

The limits on numbers of tasks and lists on the personal board is dependant on the subscription of the Team you belong to. If you have multiple Teams with different subscriptions, your personal board will inherit the limits of the highest subscription. I.e. If you are a member of two teams, one with a Business plan and one with an Essentials plan, your personal board will inherit the limits of the Business plan.

Signup and Trial

Each user who sign's up to Sortd will have a new Team created and will start out with a 14 day trial of the Sortd Business plan. During the trial the user will have full access to all the Business Plan functionality. At any time during or after the trial the user may choose to activate a paid subscription of either the Essentials or Business Plan. Alternatively the user can cancel their trial and revert to the Starter plan. Once the trial expires the user can either continue on the free Starter plan or upgrade to a paid subscription.

Multiple Teams

A user can belong to multiple teams, but tasks cannot be shared across teams (though individual tasks can be moved). If a user creates a new Team, that Team will be created with a 14 day trial.

Adding and Removing Users from a Team

When you add additional users to your Team you will be billed for each additional user according to the price of the subscription you have signed up for. Your credit card will only be billed between 24 and 48 hours after you make the change, so as to allow you to add more users, should you wish, without being billed for each new user immediately (and having lots of incremental charges on your credit card). Should you remove a user from your team and subsequently add another user at a later date (within the same billing period) you will not be billed for that user as you will have a credit balance to the value of 1 user. 

If you remove a user from your team and do not replace that user with another user, your bill will only reflect the reduced number of users at the next invoice period. Unfortunately Sortd does not offer refunds, but any credit balance you have will be applied to the next invoice.

Note: Sortd does not currently support the concept of Read Only or View Only users, and as such each person who is a member of the Team is billed for at the full rate.