There are various Settings in Sortd that allow you to configure Sortd to work they way you want. The Settings Icon (cog) can be found near the bottom left of Sortd (in Fullscreen Mode).


General Tab

Setting Meaning
Conversation View

Sets whether emails of the same topic/thread/conversation are grouped together or whether only the most recent email on the topic is displayed. 

Please see important information about this setting here: Does Sortd work with Conversation View turned Off?

Show email details in lists

Sets whether email details will be shown in the task list. 

(Turning this setting off will rollup the associated email threads into the task, it will also improve the speed/performance of Sortd)

Load Sortd in fullscreen or Gmail mode Load Sortd in fullscreen mode or in minimised mode (i.e. Load normal Gmail Interface)
Time Format Display time in 12hr format (7:30pm) or 24hr format (19:30)
 Auto Progress Mail Preview Actions such as Archive etc, which would ordinarily cause the Preview window to close and return to the Organiser view will instead cause the next email in
the Inbox to be displayed when this setting is enabled. Note that enabling this setting may cause problems for those who like to keep their email 'Unread',
as the Gmail preview marks email as Read after a few seconds.
Daily popup to plan your day Enable or Disable the automatic displaying of the Today View screen in the morning

Profile Tab

This shows your name and email address for the logged in Profile

Account Tab

This shows the subscriptions you currently have enabled

Shortcuts Tab

Setting Meaning
Enabled keyboard shortcuts

Enable Gmail Shortcuts within Sortd

(Only certain Gmail shortcuts are supported in Sortd, please see the list provided for the shortcuts that are supported)

Advanced Tab

WARNING: Some of these settings will influence the way your Gmail Inbox looks and behaves

Setting Meaning
Archive Email in Gmail when Creating a Task
(Synchronize Sortd and Gmail Inbox)

When creating a task from an email the email will be archived from the Gmail Inbox (in the same way the email is removed from the Sortd Inbox, it will be archived in Gmail and the "- Sortd ✔" label will be applied.

Don't Show Email on Tasks in the Inbox
(This will also archive the email if setting above is turned On)
When a new email is received on a thread that has been tasked, it will not show in the inbox. If above setting is On it will also be archived in Gmail.