Gmail allows users to turn Conversation View Off, which means that each new email is standalone and not grouped into an Email Thread or Conversation as is the default Gmail mode. Similarly Sortd's default is to operate in Conversation View (that is ON) but this can be disabled in the Sortd Settings. If Conversation View is turned off in Gmail, Conversation View must also be turned Off in Sortd (Sortd does not currently detect the Gmail setting). Please Note you must press 'Done' to effect the setting change which in the case of Conversation View, will force a browser refresh)

Prior to Sortd release 0.20.11 Sortd allowed Conversation View to be turned off, but this only partially worked in that messages in the Sortd Inbox would still be grouped by Thread, although only the latest message would be displayed in the message preview. From 0.20.11 the Inbox is now displayed in single message view too.

It is NOT recommended that one switches between these two modes regularly, as any tasks created in Sortd will reference either the Thread (if in Conversation View mode when the Task was created) or the single email message (if not in Conversation View mode), and switching between the modes will NOT cause the Task emails to be updated accordingly.

When you view Tasks in single message mode that were created in the Thread mode (Conversation View),  you will see the most recent email message on that Thread at the point when you switched, not the latest message on the Thread.

Anything you do in single message mode will only affect one message on the thread, so if you archive a message or task it in single message mode, then if you switch back to thread mode, if that thread has more than just that one message it may show up in the Sortd Inbox again.

Similarly to viewing the email, if you apply labels etc to an email on a task it'll also apply to that specific message on the thread if in single message mode.