The Sortd Mobile app is still very new and doesn't yet contain the complete Sortd feature set, nor is it meant to be a replacement to your everyday mobile email app.  Think of the Sortd Mobile app as a companion app.

It does, however, have most of what you will need to manage your Sortd stuff on the go.  The current version of Sortd Mobile allows you to do the following:

  • Add a task
  • View your Sortd lists, tasks & emails
  • Re-order tasks & emails
  • Rename tasks & emails
  • Add notes
  • Set due dates
  • View and reply to emails on your Sortd lists

If you are wondering where the Inbox is - there isn't one (yet).


So how do you add an email to Sortd?

From within your Gmail (or other) app, you will find a "Sortd" folder - it has a sub-folder for each of your Sortd lists (which automatically update when you add and rename lists in Sortd).  To add an email to a Sortd list you can either file that email to the folder with the same name, or just label it.


For example... If you want to add an email to a list called 'FollowUp' add the 'Sortd ✔ / FollowUp' label to that email.  From the Sortd Mobile app you can navigate to the FollowUp list, pull down to refresh - and the email should appear at the top of the list. Click the 'Edit' button if you want to then drag it down the list.


If you want to know more, read this post and the linked article for more information on 'Importing' emails into Sortd.'

How do I get the Mobile App

Search for "Sortd" in the iOS or Android app store.