The mobile Add-on enables you to add tasks and emails to your existing boards/lists right from within the Gmail mobile app. This Add-on is the companion to the full version of Sortd and provide a small subset of features.  

With the Add-on you can:

  • Add a task
  • Add a reminder
  • Add a sales deal

Add-on is different to both the Chrome extension and the mobile app.  The Add-on rather works inside Gmail's own mobile app. The installed Gmail "add-on"  will appear on the mobile but you will need to use your Gmail Mobile app.  This is a very simple mobile "add-on" that essentially allows you to Add Tasks, Reminders and Sales Deals onto your Sortd lists but it doesn't offer the full blow Sortd experience quite yet (i.e. you can't view your lists using the add-on, for that you must access Sortd on Web).

1. To Install the Add-on:

You can install it here.  Once you've installed it you'll see Sortd icon at the bottom of any email, which will bring up a Sortd menu.

Open an email in Gmail mobile app then scroll to the bottom, then click on the Sortd Icon.

The click on Get Started

One you click get started you will be directed to the Sortd's website to enable extra permissions needed to work.

Once you have followed all the steps, the Add-on will be available on your phone.

To find the Sortd Add-on on mobile:

1. Scroll to the bottom of any email 

and 2. click on the Squirrel icon: