With the release of Sortd 2.0 we unfortunately had to change the way emails open. It was not a design preference, it was done for practical reasons.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that we have a plan to bring it back.

If it's something that you can't live without right now, our recommendation is to rather use Gmail's native Reading Pane.


This icon at the top right of your Inbox will enable that.

We've added a number of navigation elements to help you get to your boards quickly and easily, so jumping to your board when you need to is convenient.

How you can adapt your email workflow

For processing your Inbox you will now be in this Gmail view:

To add an email to a board, use this button:

Or this one:

After you have selected where you want to add it, you should see the list name in a color.

Most of the functionality you will need is in this preview on the right already, so if you want to add notes, or a comment or add a due date it's all right there.

If you want to re-arrange it, the easiest way to do that is to jump to where it is on the board using this icon:

That will open up the board and show you where it is.  Do your thing on the board, then get back to your Inbox using Gmail's Mail icon or click on Inbox.

Rinse and repeat.

TIP: If you find yourself switching back and forth a lot, we would recommend that you hide the Inbox when you are in board view - that will give you some more usable screen space.  So if you had no idea what this arrow does, now you know.