Sortd does not have a text expansion tool built in but it works with a wide variety of specialist text expansion tools on the market.

While we can't endorse any of these tools, here are some products that you might want to consider:

  • Gmail Templates (built into Gmail, go to advanced settings)
  • Magical - website (free, with basic sharing capabilities)
  • Text Blaze - website (paid, with more advanced team sharing capabilities)
  • ProKeys - website
  • Briskine - website (free for individuals, paid for teams)
  • Canned Replies - website 
  • CloudHQ ...

Use Cases:

Many users are often tired of typing the same emails that include the same Zoom/Google Meet links, email addresses, phrases about your company, answers to FAQs and/or frequent email templates? With a text expander you can save time and increase accuracy by creating snippet of text you commonly use. 

Save time, typos, and the satisfaction of going back to things you need to get done in your day. 

Sales and Customer Success:

- Build pre-canned emails for sales and success

Customer Support:

- Build pre-canned emails for customer support

Marketing and growth:

- Create a consistent branding across your salespeople, business and customers. 

- Create snippets and shortcuts for social media marketing for easy reference

Human Resources (HR)

- Build messages that are reused to check with hiring managers for internal mobility opportunities, performance reviews, and compliance related tasks

- Can be used for onboarding and off-boarding emails and messages.  


- Create emails and messages to outreach across all channels with candidates and hiring managers, which include email, messaging apps, and social network channels.

Small Business and Entrepreneurs:

- Can help with brand consistency, allowing you to answer frequently asked questions by your customers via email or social media channels, and boost productivity while responding to email, to filling out forms.

Personal use:

- Can be used to send the same outbound message for hiring freelancers, applying to a job, renting a vacation home, sending your bio etc.