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If you have a Google Distribution List (using Google Group's) where you manage sales enquiries or customer service - like,,, etc - and distribute those emails to members of your team such that each of the emails sent to the Google Group arrive in each team members inbox, it can be difficult to know who is dealing with each email, whats stage it is in and/or if an email has been dealt with at all.

Sortd  can help with this. By using Sortd's new Automation feature you can setup an Automation rule to automatically add these group emails onto a list on a shared board, and even assign them to individual team members if you choose.

How the Sortd Distribution List solution works

Some shared Inbox products make the Inbox accessible to everyone from your own Gmail account using a folder structure - something like this:

- Inbox

- Sent

- Drafts

- Support Inbox

The problem with that is that you still need to keep switching between your own mailbox and the shared mailbox to check for new messages, which is one of the biggest benefits of using Gmail to field customer emails in the first place.

Sortd works a little differently to this because if you still need to keep switching 

Configuring Sortd to work with a Distribution List

You have a Google Group like, follow these steps to get it working with Sortd.

1. Ensure that the Google Group's members include one or more of your Sortd Team members

The email from the Google Group must arrive in the team members own Inbox in Gmail.

2. Log into Sortd with your admin account

Your admin account is the one that you first logged into Sortd with and invited your team members from. If you use multiple accounts and you aren't sure which is the team admin, navigate to the team settings and open the Admin group.

3. Add a Shared Board for your team to manage the incoming emails through a workflow

4. Invite your team members who use that account to the board

5. Add an automation to move shared emails to the board

From the shared board you created earlier click the Automations link as show in the picture below, and create a rule that if the recipient is the email address of the Google Group, the email should be moved to your chosen list.

Add an automation to push shared emails to the board

Step 1.  Click on Automations on the top left of Sortd

Step 2. Select the team (in blue) that contains the board that you want to apply the automation to

Step 3. Click New Automation on the top right

In this first example we will move an email from from a shared mailbox onto a shared team board. 

Step 4. Type any email address (e.g. that you want to push onto the board

You can enter any email address to trigger the automation (even if you are not currently signed into that mailbox).  This can be your own email address or another email address.  You may be asked to verify that email address.

Step 5. Define how you want the automation to act.  Here is a common example below:

NOTE: Automations aren't available on your Personal Board.

Optional - add an automation to assign emails to different team members based on rules

For example, if all emails from a particular client domain are handled by the same person on the team you could automatically assign emails from that domain to that particular team member based on those simple criteria. 

Using the shared board to assign and process emails

The board that you set up and shared with your team is visible from all of the individual mailboxes of the team members you added to it.  Each person on the team will log into their own email account, open Sortd in full screen mode and navigate to the shared board.

The automation you set up in step 6 will be moving all emails that arrive in the shared mailbox to the shared board, which the team all now have access to from their own email accounts.

Every email that is automatically moved to the board is also automatically shared with all of the team members (even if they are not all members of the Google Group).

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For more help log a ticket or email  Please note that automations are available only to paying users or users in a trial.