Premium feature for paid users & those users trialing Sortd

Sortd's automations provides simple and powerful features to customize your personal or team workflows without manual intervention.  

With automations you can:

  1. Automatically move items from your mailbox or a shared Inbox onto any shared board
  2. Automatically create tasks
  3. Automatically assign or delegate tasks 
  4. Define rules etc

Note: Automations are available on all boards except on your Personal board.

Getting Started with your first automation, follow these steps:

Step 1.  Click on Automations on the top left of Sortd

Step 2. Select the team (in blue) that contains the board that you want to apply the automation to

Step 3. Click New Automation on the top right

How to set up your your first automation:

In this first example we will move an email from from a shared mailbox (e.g. onto a shared team board.  So, if you have emails like or arriving in your inbox, you can push those emails onto a shared board and  allow your team to delegate and track work collaboratively.

Step 4. Define what action triggers the automation:

You can enter any email address to trigger the automation, even if you are not currently signed into that mailbox.  This can be your own email address or another email address.  

If you are signed into Gmail with the email address that you specified above, you will not be required to verify the email address again. If you are not signed into that mailbox, a Gmail window will pop-up and Google will ask you to enter a password to verify that you are authorized to access that mailbox.

Step 5. Define how you want the automation to act.  Here is a common example below:

That's it, you are all set!

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For more help log a ticket or email  Please note that automations are available only to paying users or users in a trial.