For users seeing this message on Nov/Dec, 2022:


This error message is appearing more frequently than usual even though THERE IS NO ACTUAL ERROR TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT.  You can simply ignore this error message - there is no actual connectivity issue. 

The cause seems to be related to one of the packages that Sortd uses that is trigging a message, and our system is identifying it as an error - even though it is not actually one.  

There is no need to change the way you are using Sortd and you can simply ignore this message.  There is also no need to refresh, but if you do refresh that error will disappear, but it could reappear later). 

If you need any assistance, please email


For users seeing this message generally outside of the dates above:

Due to technical reasons, you may receive the following error message if your browser is unable to contact Sortd.

Follow the steps below to try to resolve this:

  • Confirm that you are not having internet or Wifi problems
  • Checking if any other Chrome Extensions are blocking Sortd (more info).
  • Checking if you browser is blocking cookies (more info)
  • Refreshing your browser or restarting your computer might help

Contact if this issue persists.