Table View builds on the recent launch of Custom Properties and allows you to view your Team Board's Cards in a tabular manner. This allows you to see the various properties including Custom Properties set on your Cards across the entire Board in one easy view. (For Personal Board, see note below)

The images below show a sample Project Board transformed to Table View with its various Custom Properties and fields displayed.

Setting Custom Properties

Table View provides an easy way to see which Cards are missing properties and set them if needed without having to open each Card individually. Additionally, new Custom Properties can be created from the Table View without opening a Card by selecting a Column header and using one of the Insert Custom Property options, as shown in some of the images below. Additionally, the '+' column on the far right can also be used to create a new Custom Property.

Filtering and Sorting

Table View adds the ability to filter and sort many of the properties available on Cards. Unfortunately, not all properties are equal in this regard.

Most Custom Properties can be sorted, filtered and edited, but some of the standard Card properties provide different functionality as, for example, the Assigned To column does not allow filtering, because that functionality is already available in global filters which provide more powerful filtering due to the ability to select multiple people whereas the filters in Table View only allow filtering on a single value. Certain Custom Properties that allow multiple values cannot yet be sorted and filtered. Similarly, the Title column does not allow filtering as it's unlikely that multiple Cards will have the same title. However, the Sortd search has been improved and you can now search for Card's based on their Title and many other properties.

The images below show a Custom Property Column with the Sorting and Filtering options displayed and the table filtered after applying the user selection.

The Assigned To column cannot be filtered via Table View but the global filter will filter the table as expected.


Sortd's search capability with respect to searching for items on a board has been greatly improved and searching will now default to Table View. The Search box now offers the ability to search across email and board items or just email or just cards (items/tasks) respectively. Additionally, whereas search is only used to search Card titles, search will now also search many of the properties of the cards as well.

Additional Functionality

The column widths of each column in Table View can be adjusted to more easily visualize the most important information, though it's important to note that the column widths apply to all members of the team and are not currently set per user. 

It is also possible to reorder the Custom Property columns, but unfortunately, it is not possible to reorder the standard Card properties, and doing so will just revert the order when the table is next loaded.

Of course, you can add a new item by selecting the Add Item button in the Title column. Additionally dragging an email onto Table View will also work, though it will have slightly different behavior to Board View as you will have to assign a List to the email.

Personal Board Note: The Personal Board does not support Custom Properties and unfortunately this limits the functionality of the Table View. This means much of the functionality described above is not available in the Personal Board. Searching for Cards on the Personal Board will however switch to Table View as search has been improved for Personal Board as well.

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