What is shared email?

Shared Email is a powerful Sortd feature that allows you and your team to naturally manage:

  • Email collaboration
  • Client service and customer support
  • Sales
  • Email workflow
  • Recruitment ...

You will no longer need to forward, cc or bcc emails to your colleagues ... you can simply drag and drop an email onto a board to share it with your team! 

For more info on Email Sharing click here

How do I enable email sharing?

Open board switcher on the top right hand side of Sortd:

Select the settings Cog next to the team name:

You will then see this screen on the Boards & Access tab ... 

Slide the switch to enable sharing and then all the boards that are under that Team will be enabled for sharing.

Note: Sharing only applies to new emails after sharing is enabled.  If you already had emails on your boards before sharing was activated, then those emails will not be shared.

IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTE:  All emails and all messages on threads that are added to a shared team board will be visible to ALL team members that have access to the board.  

Team members will be able to view the full thread content from their colleagues including all emails that are reflected on the shared thread (or task).  Sortd achieves this by combining the threads from all of the team members mailboxes into one combined shared thread.  As an example, if you have 3 team members on the board and then you reply on the shared thread only to one team member, ALL of the team members on the board will have access to that email, even if you didn't send it to them directly or via cc or bcc. The same will be true if you send a reply or forward a message to someone outside of your team - i.e. your team will have access to that email if they have access to the board. If you delete a task or an email thread from a shared board, that deleted email will still be accessible to your team via search.

How do I share an email with only specific people rather than the whole team?

If you don't want certain people to have access to email that you drag to a team board then you need to remove them from the board, or create another board with only the people on the team who you want to give access to.

You can think of a board as a permission group.  Anyone who has access to a board can see anything and everything on that board, including email.

Is there anything I should be concerned about?

Once an email thread has been added to a shared board - ALL messages on that thread will be visible by all members who have access to the board.  So if you forward a mail on a shared thread for example, everyone on the board will be able to see the forwarded message.