Sortd's email tracking feature lets you know when someone has read your emails. 

With email tracking, you'll be able to know exactly when an important customer or sales lead has read your email so you can take an appropriate action.  You will also have the option to get an notifications when this happens (this is an optional feature).

 Tip: We recommended complete the steps below -  

Sortd tracks ALL email opens, whether someone else opens your email or whether YOU open your own email.  

We highly recommend that you follow the steps below to enable more accurate email tracking.  This will allow you to see when other people read your emails rather than when you read your own emails.

Step 1. Click on the double click icon or button on any email from your Gmail inbox view:

Step 2.  You accept this extra Google Chrome permission. It is safe to accept this permission. Click allow

That is all that is needed.

Special note for emailing EU citizens and residents:  Email tracking and how it relates to EU Citizens, please read here