If Sortd was working previously and you've started experiencing problems, it could be one of a number of things.  Here's a step by step guide of what you can do to try and get it working properly again.

1. It could be a known issue that was introduced with a recent release.

Check the Twitter Feed to see if we have posted about a new problem.  If we are having an issue we typically post progress updates there.

2. Check that you have the latest version of the Sortd Chrome Extension installed.

  • Go to your Chrome Menu > More Tools > Extensions
  • Scroll down to Sortd
  • You'll find the latest version number here.
  • If it's not the latest version, enable Developer Mode (at the top right)
  • Click on the Update button
  • Wait until you see the Sortd version number change to the latest version.
  • Refresh your Gmail tab and see if that has fixed the problem.

3. Have you changed your domain or email address?

Your Sortd account is linked to your email address in Gmail.  If you have changed your email address or email domain Sortd unfortunately has no way of picking this up, so please log a ticket.  You will need to tell us the old email address and the new email address - we will update your account record on our side and that should get things working again.

4. Have you installed another Gmail extension recently?  If so it could be conflicting with Sortd.

  • If you know what extension you added - try disabling it (Chrome menu > More Tools Extensions) - disable the new extension, refresh your Gmail tab and try again.
  • If you don't know whether you have added another extension (or what it is), the simplest way to try and get Sortd working again is to install it again on a new Chrome Profile.  You can do this by following these steps.
  • If Sortd works properly on the new profile it means that it's most likely conflicting with another extension - you will need to try and identify the one it's conflicting with and disable it.

5. A good ol' reinstall might fix it

  • Remove the Sortd Chrome Extension (Chrome Menu > More Tools > Extensions) - scroll down to Sortd and hit the trash can icon to remove it (don't worry you won't lose any of your data).
  • Install it again from https://sortd.com.

If none of the above steps work please log a support ticket or reply to the one you have already logged and we will try to investigate further to see if something has gone wrong on your account.  It would save a lot of bouncing back and forth if you could send us a log of your Javascript Console along with your ticket (instructions on how to do that here).