To cancel a subscription, 

1. Goto the Sortd settings dialog (cog at bottom left of Sortd in fullscreen) and click on Account.

2. Select the Team ("Brad's Team" in the screen above), based on the subscription plan or Powerpack you wish to cancel. This will open a new dialog with the "Billing and Users" tab selected, similar to the one below.

3. Under "Current Subscriptions" you will see the subscriptions linked to the selected Team. Click "Cancel" next to the Sortd Plan or Powerpack to cancel the subscription. Note: Cancelling a Team or Pro plan will also cancel any Powerpacks as you cannot be subscribed to a PowerPack with out a base plan. Use the Add/Remove buttons next to the "All Users" (for the base plan) or "Powerpacks" to add or remove users from the subscription. Your subscription billing will be prorated accordingly.

Note: the Starter plan cannot be cancelled but it is free. You do not need to do anything if that is the only plan showing before you uninstall Sortd if that is what you are looking to do.