If you have changed your email address or domain on Gmail's side but it's still the same actual mail account then we can help.  If it's a completely different mailbox then unfortunately we can't. Sortd is linked to the Gmail account itself so we are unable to transfer any data from one account to another, sorry about the bad news :(

The reason it's problematic moving data is that Sortd doesn't actually store any email - the email is still on the Gmail account itself.  So for example if you have an email that you've dragged to your board there would be no way for us to open it on a different Gmail account - Sortd references the mail by the thread ID, so if we were to try open it Gmail would simply say that the email thread doesn't exist.

If you have an active subscription on the old account and you still have access to it - to cancel your subscription please go to Settings -> Account, then click on the organization you are paying for and you'll find a Cancel link.  Alternatively if you no longer have access to that account we can cancel it for you.

If it is simply the case that your Google Apps domain/email has changed, but your Google account is still the same, Sortd should automatically detect this and change the appropriate values, if however this does not occur then please create a ticket letting us know your old email address and your new email address and we will update the Sortd database such that you will be able to login and continue using Sortd as before.

If your account has changed your Google security credentials will no longer work and you will have to sign up to Sortd again using your new email address.  Unfortunately you will not then see any of the emails/tasks from your previous address either.