Date View lets you view your tasks ordered by date using the headings Today, Tomorrow, Soon and Later. Assigning a Date to any of your tasks will automatically add it to Date View.

You can get to Date View using the Date button:

Unfortunately dates are one of those things that are quite complicated in that people use them for different reasons (you will see we changed "Due Date" to just say “Date” as some people prefer the date to represent a Start Date, and we don’t want both as it makes Sortd too complicated - its supposed to be a really simple product).  

The idea of Soon and Later becomes an issue in that those terms mean different things to different people, and what date do you set when someone drags a task/email into Soon/Later. Currently we set Soon as 3 days time, and Later as 14 days time, although changing the actual date to be anywhere between 3 and 14 days will leave it in Soon and anything after 14 days will leave it in Later.  

Additionally because Date View is real time based, tasks that where scheduled for “Tomorrow”, roll forward to “Today” which means that the Today list can get large if one does not get through the tasks. Hopefully the ease with which someone can just drag the task to the Tomorrow, Soon or Later lists will alleviate this problem to some extent. In the future we may have an option to make the time static, i.e. tasks/emails won’t roll forward based on real time but stay in their relative time columns until moved by the user. 

The Today list will also show overdue tasks in red. 

All tasks are ordered by date and one cannot actually drag a task up and down within a Date (virtual) list like one can in a normal context (real) list.

Creating a task in a Date (virtual) list will cause a selection box to be displayed allowing one to select the context list the task/email should be added to. It will be added to the top of that list.

Note: This is an experimental feature and subject to significant change.