Sortd has two date properties that you can set on a card. You will see both when you hover your mouse over an item on the board.

The calendar icon represents your personal Day plan, and the Flag icon is a Deadline date.  You can use these icons to either add to your day plan or set a deadline date. You will notice the same options in a few other places in Sortd, like when you are viewing the details of a card.

When you click on either of the dates to set it, you will notice a check box at the bottom of the popup to automatically set the other at the same time.  The deadline date is visible by all team members who have access to the board and the day plan date is your own.  In most cases it's best to keep the check box selected to keep both dates in sync.

You can view both your day plan and the deadline calendar by clicking on the Date icon in the navigation next to the search bar...

or from the 'Open Board' button.

In Date view mode you will see two options just below the navigation.

My Day plan is your personal day planner and works in a very similar way that your Google Calendar does - only it's a calendar for tasks and emails.  Each individual on the team has their own Day Plan.  To be clear, this means that everyone on the team can add the exact same item on a shared board to their individual day plan, and each of their dates can even be different.  Every person on the team would only be able to see that item on their own day plan, and theres's no way to know what's on other peoples' day plans.

Here you can also get Sortd to import your Calendar items so you can see when your next meeting is. To enable this functionality Sortd needs access to your Calendar, so consequently you need to provide additional permissions to do this. Select Enable on the See calendar items herebutton to enable the permissions.

To see past items, click on the arrow on the top left of the Date View, shown in blue on Today column in the image above.

Deadlines are a Team-level construct and will show you everything with a deadline date. In this view there is an option to show deadlines across all of the boards on the team or to select a single board.  Note that My day plan only shows you items across all your boards - there is no way to filter to a particular board.

Watch the learning Centre video here for more information on Dates in Sortd and how they apply to Date View as well as the calendar video here.

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