THIS IS NO LONGER VALID. Use the Sortd Gmail AddOn to add an email to your Sortd board directly from inside the Gmail Mobile App.


Each of your Sortd lists has a corresponding Gmail label (all nested under one label "- Sortd ✔") that was created when you signed up.

How do I use the Sortd labels?

The Sortd Mobile App does not currently allow you to move emails to your task lists directly, but you can apply one of the Sortd labels to an email (from whatever Email app you use on your mobile), and Sortd will add that email at the top of the corresponding list.

his import happens in the background on a time schedule, but the Import button (under Options / Filters) allows you to force the Import process to be kicked off immediately.

What happens if I delete the labels?

If you delete any of the labels while Sortd is still installed they will be re-created automatically, so if you would prefer not to use them or see them please hide the main Sortd label.

VERY IMPORTANT: This feature has some conditions associated with it, so please see this link for more detail: Can I filter incoming emails to lists in Sortd? Can I associated Labels with Lists?

Note: Import is in Beta and the way it works might change substantially.