1. Open the Javascript Console in the tab where Gmail (with Sortd) is running.  To do that press Cmd-Alt-J on Mac OS or Ctrl-SHIFT-J on Windows should open the Javascript Console. On Mac OS If you have Menu you can open the console by going to the View menu (at the top of your screen) -> Developer -> Javascript Console. One Windows you have to select the triple dot menu on the right select "More Tools -> Developer Tools" and then select the console tab.
  2. Refresh your Gmail browser tab.
  3. Try to reproduce the problem you are having.
  4. You will see a stream of messages - right-click, select Save As and save the log to a file.
  5. Navigate to the folder where you exported the log and send it to us (team@sortd.com or the person you were dealing with).

This is what the Javascript console will look like: