You might have the Sortd Chrome Extension, the Sortd Gmail add-on or both, so please read the section relevant to your particular situation. You will know that you only have the Gmail Add-on if you only see a Squirrel logo when you open an email (i.e. not from your inbox view).

Removing the Sortd Chrome Extension

First ensure you have cancelled any/all subscriptions. See How do I cancel my subscription(s)

Then go to your Chrome Extensions (or type this in the address bar chrome://extensions/ ) and select the trashcan next to the "Sortd for Gmail" entry  (may also be called  "Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail" or  "Sortd for Sales"). Note that an empty browser tab will open, this is normal, you can just close it.

You can also remove all permissions you gave to the Sortd App. See How can I revoke Sortd's permission to access my email?

Lastly, Sortd creates some folders to enable you to import email from your mobile and other email apps.  Keeping those labels has no consequence but if you want to delete them you can just remove the "- Sortd ✔" label, and all of the sub-labels will be removed along with it.

Note that you may need to restart your Chrome Browser or at the very least refresh your Gmail tab to fully remove Sortd.

Removing the Sortd Gmail add-on

To remove the Sortd Add-on, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the Gmail Setting Icon (Cog) and select Settings

3. Select the Add-on's tab and then select 'Manage'

Clicking 'Manage' will pop-up this screen:

Select the 3 dots options icon and then select "Remove" to remove the add-on

Note, some people have had difficulty removing add-ons from the Gmail settings.  Gmail add-ons are a feature of Gmail, so if you have any trouble removing the Sortd add-on please contact Gmail support for assistance.