We would be sorry to see you go, so please reach out to us if you are having issues.  

To decide what to remove, you should check what version of Sortd you have installed and then follow the steps below:

  1. Sortd Chrome Extension (full version)
  2. Sortd Gmail Add-on
  3. both the Chrome Extension and the Add-on

Paying users (please read this first) -

If you are a paying user, please ensure you have cancelled any/all subscriptions before removing the Sortd Extension. See How do I cancel my subscription(s)

Removing different versions of Sortd -

1. Remove the Chrome Extension (from Chrome) - type this in the address bar chrome://extensions/ and select the 'remove' next to the "Sortd for Gmail" entry (may also be called "Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail" or "Sortd for Sales").

2. Remove the Gmail Add-on (from Gmail) you can remove it by following these instructions: Removing or deleting the Sortd Add-on

3. Remove both versions, follow step 1 and step 2 above

Revoking permissions - 

Note that Sortd does not actually have any access credentials other than those you revoke through Google, so revoking permissions through Google prevents Sortd from having any further access to your Google Mail.

Please also see: How can I uninstall Sortd?