If you encounter problems with Sortd it may be necessary or helpful to try clearing Sortd Cookies and cached

data. It is best to close your Gmail/Sortd tab before doing this.

Click the Google Chrome triple dot Menu icon and then select the "Settings" menu option. Alternatively type "chrome://settings/" into your address bar in a new browser tab. 

Click the " Advanced” option.


Then click "Privacy and security"

Select the "Site settings" option.

Followed by the All Sites "View permissions and data across sites" option.

This will bring up a screen listing all of the sites chrome has cached data and cookies for. Type 'sortd' into the search box shown and select the triple dot icon as shown below.

Select the 'Clear data' option

Chrome will confirm that you want to clear the data. Select Clear.

You can now close the "settings" tab and reopen your Gmail/Sortd tab. You will have to re-login to Sortd to get started again.