Sortd pricing works on a per user per month basis.  So if, for example, you invite 3 people to your team during your free trial - when the trial ends the subscription price you will see will be for 4 users (including yourself).  The actual figure will depend on the plan you select, and whether you go with the monthly or annual billing option.  Here's a summary of the options you will see:

  • Essentials plan on monthly billing: 4 x $12/month = $48/month
  • Essentials plan on annual billing: 4 x $40/year = $480/year
  • Business plan on monthly billing: 4 x $15/month = $60/month
  • Business plan on annual billing: 4 x $48/year = $576/year

What happens when you make changes to your team after your subscription is active?

Sortd only bills you for the number of days in a month (or days in a year if you are on annual billing) that each user is active on your plan.  To illustrate by way of example - if your billing cycle is on the 26th of every month and you add a user to your plan on the 13th, then you will only be charged for 15 days for that user in the current cycle.  If you are on the Business plan that would mean $15 x 15/30 = $7.50.

By the same token, if you remove a user from your team on the 13th of the month, then you will be credited $7.50.

Understanding these changes on your invoice

With 4 users on your plan your monthly invoice would show your billing cycle and the number of users you are being billed for.

OCT 27 - NOV 26

Description                Qty            Unit Price        Amount

Sortd Business Plan        4              $15               $60.00


TOTAL                                                       $60.00

For the user added on Nov 13th you would receive an additional invoice showing the following...

NOV 13 - NOV 26

Description                                                Amount

Unused time on 4 x Sortd Business Plan after Nov 13th      -$30.00

Remaining time on 5 x Sortd Business Plan after Nov 13th    $37.50


TOTAL                                                       $ 7.50

This is how Stripe (our billing provider) actually calculates the charges, which can be a little confusing if you go through it line by line.  Our recommendation is that you rather look at the total and do a rough calculation to verify that the invoice amount makes sense.

If you want to do your own calculation - the dates and quantities show the changes made to the number of users.  So if you see something like this...

it means that you had 9 users on Nov 25th and added another user to your team on Nov 26th to take the total to 10.