Quick steps to removing access:

It's really simple to do this:  

Step 1. Go to your Google Account security 3rd party access page using this link
Step 2. Click where it says Sortd and press the button to remove access 

Step 3. (Only for users who want to continue using Sortd)

If you are Removing Access simply to resolve a technical error, simply then reload Gmail and open Sortd.  Sortd will then ask you to grant mail permissions to access Sortd again.  If you have any issues please contact team@sortd.com.

[If you continue to have technical issues you may want to log out of Sortd from

Sortd menu > Settings > logout and then follow steps 2 and 3 again] 

Extra info:

In case you aren't able to find the above settings in your Google account:

You can revoke the Sortd's permission to access your email any time you want. Once you do that, it has the exact opposite effect of what you did when you gave Sortd permission when you signed up - Sortd will no longer be able to access your mailbox without asking you for permission again. This will also mean Sortd will no longer work as permissions are required.  

Ensure that you are logged into your Gmail Account, then go to  https://myaccount.google.com/data-and-privacy. This is the main security page for your Google/Gmail account and allows you to change your security settings. 

If you find you are logged into the wrong Google account you can use the standard Google Account switcher at the top right to switch to the correct account.

To Remove all permission you gave to the Sortd App, click on “Third-party apps with account access” under "Data & Privacy" on the menu item on the left. Then click on ">" in the main screen and scroll down until you find Sortd. 

Click on the Sortd item and then click "Remove Access".

From this point forward Sortd will no longer have access to your email account at all.

If you'd like to learn more about how apps can access your account, we recommend that you read this Google support article:

- Apps with access to your Google account