Open the Sortd menu on the left side of Gmail and then go to Settings > Account - you will see a list of Teams linked to your account and the Plan that each team is on.  Note that each Team is treated separately in terms of pricing, so you can have different teams on completely different plans (each with a different number of users).

If you click on a team you will be able to manage the plans linked to that team.

To cancel a subscription simply click on Cancel.

To view the details of the plan, or to change to a different plan - click the Change button. You will then see a screen that looks like this:

The button that says 'Current Plan' is the package you are on at the moment. Below that you will see the price and the number of users that are on that package.

To add users to the package you are on, click on edit, which will take you to a screen where you can invite more users. To switch to a different plan simply click on the button on the plan you want to change to (You can also change between Monthly and Annual plans by toggling the switch at the top).

How do I change the number of users I'm paying for?

The Sortd plans are priced on a per user basis.  So if you have 2 users on the Essentials plan with Monthly billing for example, it will cost you the per user price of $10 x 2 users = $20.  To remove the number of users you are paying for you need to remove the individual users from your team.

You can get to the user management screen by going to Settings > Account and clicking on the Team you want to manage.  You will see the same screen as shown earlier. Click  "Add/Remove" for the All Users option and you will see a screen with a list of Users - to remove a user you simply click on the Remove button next to the User's name.

How do I know if I'm still in a free trial?

If you haven't captured your credit card details yet then you are still in your free trial.  A few days before your free trial expires, you will see a green bar pop up at the bottom of the screen asking you to purchase.