Since the last update we've done a few new releases. Many of those are mainly for bug fixes or other small improvements.  Other than that the following changes have been made:

  • Custom Properties (beta) functionality has been released (click here for more information)
  • Add sample (example) tasks to boards to help people get started
  • Deprecated original Followup Flag
  • Deprecated complete tick in Card (use the menu instead)
  • Add Confirmation box to Complete, to prevent accidentally completing tasks  

Various bugs have been fixed, specific ones that we want to point out are:

  • Close the archive popup when clicking archive
  • Allow pasting into invite members field
  • Fix: plan date is cleared when you click on Next step by mistake
  • Small UI and UX bug fixes

Note: If your tasks on your private personal board have disappeared, please force a refresh of your Gmail\Sortd browser tab and your tasks should re-appear. If not please check the board filter to ensure that 'open' tasks are visible.