Since the last update we've done a done a few new releases. Many of those are mainly for bug fixes or other small improvements.  Other than that the following changes have been made:

  • Dynamic Email Reminders for Overdue Tasks
  • Ability to add comments and @mention other board members in Tasks (with email notification)
  • User profile pictures have been added for comments and assignments
  • Sortd Date Plan is now universally available
  • (Optional) Calendar integration for meetings and events on the Sortd Date Plan
  • Ability to select different currencies in the Sales board
  • Deprecated Today View in Gmail

Various bugs have been fixed, specific ones that we want to point out are:

  • Fixed Mail Preview sometimes displaying beyond the correct borders
  • Fix an issue that sometimes caused Sortd to close when opening an email in fullscreen mode
  • Fix an issue which sometimes caused multiple archive icons to appear in Gmail preview mode
  • Allow decimal values for Deal amounts in Sales board
  • Improved robustness of changing the order of tasks in a list
  • Small UI and UX bug fixes