• When creating a new deal, you will now see the deal card next to the email / notes, instead of in a separate pop up window

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes when snoozing an item for later today it would be unsnoozed in 30 minutes.
  • When editing a task title, or adding comments, the text box would loose focus when a new message was received.
  • If you deleted your snooze label snoozing would stop working. ┬áThe label will now be recreated.
  • Pressing refresh on inbox after searching, would revert to search.
  • Drafts will now show the recipients if there are any, otherwise it will show none.
  • Today view did not always show tasks from your personal board when you were viewing other boards.
  • When popping out the last mail from a task, the task would not update to show that the mail was removed.
  • Improve cases where the mail didn't show when opening a task with a linked mail.