Several bugs found in version 1.0.0 of Sortd have been fixed in the last few days. There is no new Chrome Extension and Sortd should download the fixes when the Gmail tab is reloaded. Please reopen a Gmail tab to ensure you have the latest version running.

Bug Fixes

  • Gmail labels were not showing in Inbox

  • Stars (and Starring) was not working in the Inbox

  • Up and Down arrow keys to select emails in the Inbox where not working (in multi-select mode)

  • The Completed Tasks filter always showed as enabled

  • Drag and Drop was not working correctly when dragging outside the visible screen area

  • The 25 Task limit on the free Starter plan was including Completed Tasks

  • The 4 List limit on the free Starter plan was including a hidden system list

  • Notes were not being formatted correctly

  • Stop certain non-critical error messages being displayed

Outstanding Known Issue

  • We are aware that in a few cases some users' email is not showing correctly in the Inbox. We are investigating and will release an update as soon as possible